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A Story from Jill Silvester 

I want to share a Shore Shoe story that is my favorite of all times with these shoes.  We were at a festival marketing our sandals and a mother and her two daughters stopped by.  The mother was curious about the design and I explained that they make it easy to walk on the beach, while keeping you stable.  My husband designed it for just that reason.  However, we have found it also helps foot, ankle and knee pain.  The mother looked at her 13 year old daughter and told me her daughter had pain in her feet for years and then injured her knee, requiring surgery.

We all know times are tough; especially for families with children.  She was not sure if she should spend the money and then decided if they helped her daughter, she would try them.  The teenager liked the appearance of the sandal and wanted to try them on.  She took a brief walk in them and came back beaming.

I use to be that little girl, with chronic foot issues all my life.  I know what it means because I wear my Shore Shoes 365 days a year and no longer have pain.  The mother and I both had tears in our eyes as the girl continued to smile.  They bought our Shore Shoes and walked away with huge grins on their faces experiencing a life changing event.

I cannot begin to tell you how this touched my heart.  I hope this changed her life as it has mine❤️

Jill Silvester

I bought a pair of Shore Shoes for my Mom, who has MS. She wears them often (even when she is not in the sand) and says that they really help her stay balanced. She also said they are very comfortable to wear around all day. I just bought a second pair for a friend that has back issues that used to walk the beach every day but hasn’t been able to. I can’t wait for him to thrive again from wearing these shoes!

Jamie D

I love wearing The ShoreShoe® in soft beach sand. The wide sole of the shoe provides excellent support on the sand. I feel much more confident that I will not hyper-flex my ankles or knees. The ShoreShoe’s® vibrant colors and interesting design have also elicited positive comments in stores and restaurants. My son said he thought of my shore shoes as soon as he started to climb back up the sand dunes while sand boarding at Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. The climb up would have been so much easier and less tiring. Definitely a winning design for any locale.

Ron Masce

I am a surf fisherman who had leg and foot injuries that required reconstructive surgeries. Being on my feet creates fatigue and pain in my feet and lower legs. It is always worse while walking through soft sand on the beach. Sinking in the sand with every step makes it more strenuous than walking on a hard surface. The wide sole design of the Shore Shoes works very well to keep my feet from sinking in the soft sand which makes walking on the beach a lot easier. I even keep them on while fishing in the surf. The sandals don’t fill with sand and protect my feet from stepping on shells and other irritating things in the surf. They are holding up very well in the salt water and the velcro straps stay secure. These sandals are obviously made from very high-quality materials and the velcro straps are the best I’ve ever used.

I highly recommend anyone, especially those with foot and leg problems, to buy these shoes to make walking in soft sand easier.

David Etelman aka Bayside Dave
Vice President/Director of L.B.I. of American Angler Fishing Club

Bayshore Dave

I wore my sandals for the first time this past week at Miramar Beach, Fl. They made the biggest difference for me. It was so much easier to get to the waters edge. Thank you so much for making these available!!!

Donna C

A must-have for the beach! Tremendously help’s a person’s manner of walking… you walk on the sand not thru it. Walking thru sand we all know can be difficult and unstable. Not with these! I highly recommend that you go by and check them out! They enable you to be more active on the beach wearing these than you thought possible! I speak from experience these sandals rock!

Beverly F

Wearing mine right now. I use a standing desk & these are the comfiest shoes to work in.

Donna Wise

Thanks so much for the card that you sent with my order. Nice touch!

I was a little hesitant in purchasing some $120 sandals without trying them on first. Since it’s not beach weather now I just tried to walk in my enormous front lawn that has a lot of irregular surfaces. These sandals worked just as I hoped they would. No pain or instability after walking the entire 2 acres.

Your design is going to be life changing. Walking was my only exercise. You should consider making an enclosed walking shoe with the same bottom design.

(update) These sandals are a big game changer for me. I literally can’t walk on soft sand or on irregular surfaces. I had wayyyyy too much ankle pain. These sandals distribute my weight over a larger surface area and really work! These are probably going to save me lots of money because I now won’t need to keep going to the foot doctor or to have surgery.

4/25/22- update!! I had purchased these during the winter and really didn’t get to try them except on my irregular lawn at home. They worked good on irregular surfaces! I’m at the beach now. These work better than expected! It’s almost like walking on smooth concrete instead of soft sand. This was one of the best purchases that I have made this year.

Weston R

These shoes work! I have a torn Peroneal tendon in my left ankle that left me having severe difficulty walking on loose beach sand. How do they hold up with repeated saltwater exposure?

Jim’s Response: Thank you for your positive review. Our sandals were made to be Salt Water Proof. Unfortunately, we can’t advertise “Waterproof“ because we have not requested the Feds to certify them. Paying requested fees are not in our budget just yet. Even our Crab Flag on the side of each sandal is UV treated and salt waterproof. The best We can legally advertise is that our sandals are Salt Water Resistant.

Thank you for your support

Bob B

These sandals are perfect support when walking, not only on the beach but also in the yard and around the house. They keep you stable, feel comfortable and with the adjustable straps, you can have the fit you need. I love them. I use them to help me while walking around the house and when I am working in the yard. These shoes are also comfortable when walking on the boardwalk, sidewalks, roads, and especially on the beach. I recommend them to anyone who has balance issues when walking and/or for anyone who just needs a comfortable shoe to walk around in.

Gerald S

I drove to LBI early yesterday to try out my TSS at a bay beach first .A few steps onto the soft flat sand I could feel the difference . I walked to the waters edge and saw the logo I made !!  Then I recalled my cellphone was back in the car . When I eventually take a pic I will have to send it to my daughter to forward it to you. I haven’t a clue 😳.

I didn’t check the weather and it was a terrible start to the day. Cloudy, chilly & very windy. I was in tank top, shorts and no jacket . I decided to head north to the Lighthouse area and food at a fav spot. It was closed due to virus. I then went to an ocean beach there. A wooden walkway was the start then the sand I used to dread. I love these shoes!! Though my legs are a bit weakened from Stay At Home Covid fears TSS is the answer for me to enjoy the beach again with family . I instinctively knew to ‘ walk on top of the sand’ , no more pushing off with the ball of my foot. It was easy.

I talked to 2 elderly people my age and proudly showed them TSS. Gave them the website. Yesterday was the 12 yr anniversary of my husbands passing. On a Chilly, cloudy day at the beach with my new sandals it helped lift my spirit.

Alana B

Worked great for my girlfriend and I on recent trip to Mexico beach FL.

Doug M

Great Shore Balance Sandal and Great Company Service! 

Sandal helped my wife walk on sand immediately despite Balance disorder. Has not done that in many decades. We walk the beach together once again. Company is very good at communication and delivery was extremely quick. Sandal so life changing.

Jersey Grandpa

While bench sitting on top of the dunes at Seaside, my wife and I met Jim.  We struck up a casual conversation about the wonderful fall weather and other niceties.  Jim asked why we weren’t on the beach.  I told him how difficult it was for me to keep my balance in soft sand.  The conversation then went to The Shore Shoe™.  Jim showed me a pair, explained their design, how they kept him from sinking in the sand and how well they helped with stability.  To my amazement, right then and there, he gave me a pair, and off I went to try them out. 

Immediately, in just a few steps, I noticed how stable I felt and how effortlessly I was able to navigate through the sand. 

Now mind you, I am not an invalid.  I work out a good bit, take long walks, but walking in sand is an effort I don’t enjoy.  So here I am, telling you my experience but it is one you really need to try for yourself.  

The Shore Shoe, it truly is The Stability Sandal®.

Jerry B

I got my pair about a year ago and wore them everywhere!!! Wore them out!!! We live in Florida all year round. The Shore Shoes are so supportive for my flat arches. I can always tell the difference when I wear a pair of flip flops my feet will hurt, but not with The Shore Shoe!!!

Walking on the beach with these shoes is like having four foot drive LOL!!! Like snow shoes for the sand!!! Can’t wait for my second pair.

These shoes make all the difference!!!

Thank you!!!

Jeff K

I wore my shore shoes and I was smilling all the way to the beach.  Up and down the dunes with no problems.  I felt very stable walking on the sand.  I was so happy to be able to go to the beach with my family again.  I had back surgery and walking any distance is painful.  Although this didnt take away the pain, the shoes certainly made me feel stable on the sand.  My son in law commented he knew where I was by the foot print in the sand.  I’m sorry I forgot to take a picture.  Thank you again and I would definitely recommend this shoe.

Janice S

I wore my sandals for the first time this past week at Miramar Beach, Fl. They made the bigest difference for me.  It was so much easier to get to the waters edge. Thank you so much for making these available!

Donna C

We love our Shore Shoes! So much easier to take a nice long walk on the beach!

Gail & Mark D

I walked in my sandals on the beach for the first time and in the ocean . They kept me grounded with a strong wind and strong ocean.

Heidrun V

I have had foot problems since I was a child. As an adult, I experienced two severe ankle sprains and succumbed to surgery. I could no longer wear dress shoes or sandals. I had to wear expensive sneaker type shoes with costly orthopedic inserts. I eventually inherited the family bunions. 

At first sight, I was hesitant to even try wearing The Shore Shoe™ because a change in shoes usually meant an increase in chronic pain.  Their wide base design intrigued me, so I gave them a try. 

Initially, I switched back and forth between The Shore Shoe™ and my other footwear products, analyzing comfort, foundation and stability. What I discovered was that the more I wore these incredible sandals, the better my feet felt. I use to awake in the morning to a foot pain level of 3 and by bedtime I’d be at a level 7.  Amazingly, these sandals have increased my foot comfort to where I hardly notice foot pain anymore.  

I can truthfully say that these sandals give me the support I need and the comfort I want with added balance keeping my heels and ankles secure and stable.  Additionally, their 3 strap design allows for expansion over my toes which reduces pressure on my bunions.  I now wear The Shore Shoe™ everyday, most everywhere I go, with socks on cold days when needed.

Eileen E

Hi Jim, we got the shoes and mom is loving them.Thank you so much for fantastic customer service!

Kim F

The Shore Shoe™ is a “stabilizing sandal”!  Strapping them on for the first time gave me the sudden feeling of immediate confidence to walk almost everywhere! And walk I did! I was able to go up the uneven slopes of Fort Desoto State Park and comfortably down the many steps to the beach.   

Usually my “come and go” neuropathy, coupled with MS disabilities would have me hanging onto the railings or a family member’s arm for support. I love the new freedom I now enjoy.  I am now confident to take walks on the beach, and BEYOND!  I love to read a lot but after sitting for a few hours, it is difficult for me to get up and move.  Now with these sandals, I can confidently stand up and am on the way.  I wear them whenever I have a distance to walk and simply when I’m just moving around my house.   

They help a lot!

Barbara E

As a corrective care chiropractor, I understand how skeletal misalignment can hurt, and impact an individual’s overall health, well being, and functionality.  The Shore Shoe™ promotes skeletal balance, especially to people who suffer from back, hip, and leg pain, post operative stability, and peripheral neuropathy problems.     

Without a doubt, The Shore Shoe™ is one of the simplest, most innovative footwear products I’ve used, seen and can recommend.  

Dr. Nick T, D.C.

Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Dear Jim,

Thank you so much for inventing The Shore Shoe®!  They are truly unique and a great beach sandal.  They really worked well – at first I felt like a duck but then I figured out and realize it was as they should be.  I now wear them on my daily walk.

Thank you again,

Stevie K.

I field (beach) tested a pair of Shore Shoes in Costa Rica this December and they are as advertised. They made navigating the sandy beaches and dirt roads of Playas Del Coco a breeze.  As nice as it is to walk barefoot on a sandy beach it is not easy on loose sand for longer distances. Even though I don’t have mobility issues The Shore Shoe™ was a big help. If you are thinking of buying a pair of sandals for the beach you won’t go wrong with these. 

Rick D

Hi, my name is Pete, and I am the proud owner of an innovative pair of beach sandals that were gifted to me this past fall at the Jersey Shore.   

For fifty-three years I worked in retail as a Pharmacist, constantly on my feet, with my knees taking the heaviest toll.  Now, believe it or not, I wear The Shore Shoe™ all the time, with socks on cold days, because the clicking in my knees is gone, and the pain in my feet and legs have been greatly reduced.  I believe it is because of the wider platform of the outsole.  I am now able to walk in comfort, with confidence, more stability with less pain.  They help me everywhere I go.  Not just on the beach, but everywhere. 

Thanks Jim, your sandals have improved my life.

Pete B

Love my Shore Shoe.  I’ve had severe sciatica and my strength and balance are off.  I appreciate your ingenuity and look forward to many more beautiful beach days at Island Beach State Park in Seaside Park wearing my sandals.

Carole C


I personally want to thank you for my pair of The Shore Shoe.  I tested them when John and I went to St Simons and they were all you aspire them to be.  Comfortable, attractive and walking on sand is easier.  What a great concept and execution.  I know all your hard work will be wildly successful and soon they will be on the beaches everywhere!

Warm regards,

Phebe E

I would personally like to commend the person or persons that invented this incredible product. I’m not one to write reviews but when there’s a product that helps me physically it’s time to give credit.

With that said let me tell you a little bit about myself. For as long as I can remember, I love to go fishing down the shore. Maybe a bit more than I should. I always find it to be a problem going from the parking lot and walking across the beach, rather “struggling” across the beach with my gear, because of chronic back problems.

I always feel the repercussions the next day. A dear friend of mine told me about this sandal/shoe called The Shore Shoe™ and how well it keeps you above the sand when walking as well as keeping you balanced.

Though reluctant, I finally gave in and tried it and it did exactly that. There’s no stress on my back and I’m not limited to how far I could walk. When I wake up the next day I’m ready to go again.

I’m sure this can help many other people with ailments when it comes to walking.

The funny thing is under the sandal is a crab which makes an imprint in the sand. Obviously, wherever you go that crab is following you. 
I guess it’s safe to say he’s got my back, Literally

Joe S

My heartfelt thanks is here for my friend who suggested I try and wear The Shore Shoe™ for my weeks at the beach! The Shore Shoe™ provided me with a stable, comfortable footing while walking over the shifting Atlantic sands and along the shore’s edge while picking up shells. The Shore Shoe™ gives me a secure, balanced feeling when I’m crossing the sands with a beach chair, tote bag and the tugging hand of my 3 year old grandson!

Back home I’ve worn The Stability Sandal® shopping, downtown on uneven sidewalks and love the comfortable, cool and stable feeling beneath my feet. The adjustable straps and open front, toe area also provide the ease to wear my support hose with The Shore Shoe™.

I do not have a closet full of shoes, but The Shore Shoe™ is a pair that have already traveled many miles on my feet when not in my closet!

Thanks for adding more joy and comfort to my outdoors’ time!

Judy M

I never thought a blessing would come in the form of sandals. But, that is what happened the day I met Jim at the Jersey Shore.  Jim is the creator of The Shore Shoe™; an innovative sandal that protects and maintains one’s Balance.   

What I found is the sandal is Sturdy, Secure and Comfortable while being able to maintain my Stability everywhere I walk.  However, you’ll notice quite a fabulous difference in walking on uneven surfaces, particularly sand. Truly! 

My feet didn’t sink and I observed that my ankles and hips didn’t need to shift to walk with Balance. That for me was extremely helpful as I recently had knee surgery. 

In my honest opinion, I believe Jim has created something we’ve needed, but didn’t know could exist! 

I absolutely Recommend The Shore Shoe™ for you to try. I think you’ll be extremely pleased and grateful as I have been. 

Patty K

On one beautiful, warm day in October, while fishing from the beach in Seaside, I met Joe. Now this was not your normal, awkward, first time meeting of strangers, but one of those rare occasions of meeting someone for the first time and you quickly feel like you’ve know them all of your life.

Joe approached me for some advice on how to use a mullet rig. Joe is an avid boat and surf fisherman, but was simply unfamiliar with how to use a mullet rig.  While showing him how to bait up, we talked about who we were, how many kids and grandkids we have, but mostly we talked about fishing.

I learned Joe was 82, retired and just had back surgery three weeks prior.  The severity of his back condition is unknown but he moved well and didn’t appear to be in any pain.  All of a sudden, Joe noticed some strange footprints in the sand, looked at my feet, and immediately asked … What are those?  Do they work? Where did you get them?

The Shore Shoe™.  It is my hope it will help get you, and many others just like you, with their travels to the waters edge.

“So nice to meet you the other day!!! I wore the shoes they made it so much easier to walk especially with my back issues I’ve been dealing with.Thanks again shoes are great!!!”

Joe M

On the beach at the Jersey Shore, I requested this guy to try the sandals.
He was in good physical condition and had little trouble walking on sand unaided. After he tried them, he wanted them.
He was quite impressed with their mechanics and offered to help get the word out.  Below is his testimonial.

“About 6 weeks ago I had the opportunity to try The Shore Shoe™. When I started off across the beach I was amazed at how easily I was able to move across the soft dry sand. I was even more surprised to find that the shoes allowed me to move across the wet sand near the water’s edge as well.

I’m no expert on quality construction in footwear, but these shoes appear to be put together very well. I have already ordered my pair and can’t wait to get them.”

Chet R

They are great for walking on the street when you don’t have sidewalks.  Makes it easier to step into grass when car goes by.  You don’t feel like you will trip because you bring a stable platform with you.  Helps my knees and ankles to stay in line.

Linda L

Put mine on today and did a mile walk, drove to Emery’s for pies and than went to Mother in laws to share, keeping distance in mind of course, most comfortable and no problem with the pedals while driving! Glad I got them!

Cynthia S

Received The Shore Shoe™ yesterday, tried them out today on the shore of Barnegat Bay in South Seaside Park, NJ. They work great! Have had to avoid soft sand for a very long time.

I walked carefully, but was able to navigate the soft sand with no problem! Thank you! Fantastic idea!

Linda B

I wore my shore shoes and I was smiling all the way to the beach. Up and down the dunes with no problems. I felt very stable walking on the sand. I was so happy to be able to go to the beach with my family again. I had back surgery and walking any distance is painful. Although this didn’t take away the pain, the shoes certainly made me feel stable on the sand. My son in law commented he knew where I was by the foot print in the sand. I’m sorry I forgot to take a picture. Thank you again and I would definitely recommend this shoe.

Janice S

The Shore Shoe™ fits perfectly with its comfortable, adjustable straps and makes walking across the loose sand on the beach easy because you don’t sink in and there is no awkwardness as you carry your things down to the water. I like easy, maybe I am just lazy. Everyone is going to have their own reasons and these will do the trick. Thanks for The Shore Shoe™!

Clay E

I wore my sandals all day yesterday and you know, last night my legs were not as tired as they feel most days!

Linda T

I  have 6 plates 12 screws 2 rods 11 wires holding my right foot together walking on sand was very painful.  With the shore shoe no problem absolutely love them thanks so very much.

Steve M

We are home now – the shoes allowed us to walk thru the lose sand with minimal difficulty.  They are worth the money!

Jesse & Jenni T

Just love these sandals!!! They make my feet feel wonderful and are crazy supportive!!! I hope in the future to get some similar shoes that are closed toed to wear to work as well!!!

Jeff K

Love my Shore Shoes always on the beach, but mostly every day at home and outdoors! Highly recommended!

Jim T

I have a pair of these. They make walking on loose, deep sand a breeze. also great on other uneven and granular surfaces or just plain sidewalks.

Rick D

I have these and they are amazing! I’ve tried many shoes that end up sitting on a shelf. These are so different than any other! My feet fell better, my posture is better, my legs feel better. As you get older you realize how bad you feel all over when your feet hurt! Give the a try. You won’t regret it!

Beverly F

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