I’ve lost 3 (and counting) wedding rings over the years at the beach. If only I’d know John Favano with Ring Finders!

John is a dedicated ring recovery specialist who helps people find their lost items. He covers areas from Brigantine to Cape May, Delaware, and the Wilmington area. He travels across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, using his metal detector to search backyards, parks, and lawns.

His journey as a ring recovery specialist started in 2016 when he joined Ring Finders, a global community of metal detectorists. Inspired by this community, he created his own social media page, Ring Finders: South Jersey.

Despite having a full-time job unrelated to metal detecting, John considers Ring Finders more than just a hobby. It brings him joy and excitement to find lost items and see the happiness it brings to their owners. The time it takes to find a lost item varies depending on the circumstances and location. John advises against searching on your own, as it can push the item deeper into the sand.

John’s search extends beyond the beach. He enjoys detecting in farm fields for historical artifacts and is available during the off-season to help with snow or leaf-covered areas. He has found unique items over the years, including a metal partial with intact ceramic teeth. John can search in water but stresses the importance of moving slowly and using markers for guidance, considering factors like tides, hurricanes, and storms.

Contacting John as soon as possible improves your chances of recovering your lost item. He is honest with his clients, avoiding false hope or wasting their time. He has received surprising calls, such as one from an older man looking for a Navy ring lost in 1986.

John’s ultimate goal is to help you enjoy your vacation by recovering your lost item. He advises against digging deep in the sand and posting specific details on social media to prevent others from finding and keeping the item. The more information you provide about the item’s loss, the better John’s chances of finding it.

John can be reached at (215) 850-0188, or by email. You can find him online at the following URLs: